Our shows are not just entertaining, they're also educational. Using original stories as well as adaptations of traditional children's literature, Puppetrantz brings you lively performances that teach valuable lessons about sharing the world with others. Complement your Character Education curriculum with an accessible program that will make your students laugh AND think.


This original story delivers a message about tolerance, brotherhood, and individuality that is particularly appropriate in today's world. It appeals perfectly to the younger child with an accessible storyline, an adorable main character, and lots of audience interaction.

Recommended for grades PreK-3.

"The Three (Not So Little) Pigs"

This unique, off-the-wall approach to the classic tale features themes of sharing and cooperation. Mrs. Pig, her three sons, and the Big Good Wolf (a vegetarian who would never eat a pig) solicit the advice of the audience to help them navigate their way through the troubles of the day.

Recommended for grades K-6.

"The Hog Prince"

Based on the "Frog Prince" story, this humorous adaptation reinforces character values such as
keeping your word and not rushing to judgment of others.

Recommended for grades K-6.

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