Puppetrantz puppet building workshops can be short programs combined with a performance, or can be an ongoing stand-alone activity.


Simple Workshops

Typically takes about 30-45 minutes. Choose between sock puppets or simple (Styrofoam-based) rod puppets. We supply the materials -- all we need from you is a workspace. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a puppet to take home.

A great complement to a Puppetrantz performance at your event or party.


School Workshops & Artist Residencies

Workshops can be structured to fit an activity period, go for a full morning or afternoon, or continue over several days or weeks as an Artist-in-Residence program.

Single-session workshops

In our basic short workshop, each participant will make a sock puppet or a simple (Styrofoam-based) rod puppet to take home. Longer single-session workshops allow for brief performances to be rehearsed or for more elaborate puppets to be constructed.


With a long-term, Artist-in-Residence program, participants may explore a number of basic puppet types and can even design, create, and perform their own original show. Workshops are structured to fit the needs of each situation.

  • Some residencies guide students through the construction of a series of puppets, introducing different types of puppet, most more elaborate than those time allows for in shorter workshops.
  • In others, puppet character development is emphasized through performance both solo and through collaboration with other students.
  • Other workshop series may focus on the development of individual and group performances. The participants are involved in all aspects of the show -- from the writing of the script, to the building of the puppets, rehearsal, and a final performance.

Additionally, Puppetrantz is happy to work with you if you have a particular theme in mind.


Teacher Training Workshops

Perfect for teacher in-service days, these workshops introduce improv exercises that teachers can, in turn, use with their students in the classroom. These mind opening and invigorating techniques get teachers on their feet as they discover how role playing through dramatics and puppetry can benefit their conventional lesson plans in unconventional ways. We'll show them some great ways they can use puppets in the classroom -- at all grade levels -- to help kids learn to collaborate, resolve conflict peacefully, express themselves clearly, and overcome shyness and public speaking anxiety. All this while having fun too! Teacher training workshops can be tailored to fit your in-service day schedule with variable 45-90 minute sessions.